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The Economic System In Islam
Price. US$ 10.50

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ISBN. 81-87856-03-3


Author: An-Nabhani



About This Book: Today, the Islamic Ummah is tacking in thought, so it is naturally deprived of the productive way of thinking. The present generation did not received from its preceding generation any ideas, be they Islamic or non-Islamic and naturally; it did not receive a productive way of thinking. Nor did it attain by itself any thoughts or a productive way of thinking. As a result, it is natural for this generation to be seen in poverty, despite the abundance of material resources in its Lands. Likewise, it is natural to have no scientific discoveries and inventions even though it studies the theories of these discoveries and inventions and is aware of them. This is because it is impossible to rush to gain them in a productive way, unless it possesses a productive way of thinking i.e. unless it has thoughts and it is creative in using their thoughts in Life. Therefore, it is inevitable for the Muslims to establish for themselves thoughts and a productive way of thinking. Thereafter, they will not proceed a single step; rather they will continue to go around in a vicious circle, exhausting their mental and physical efforts, only to end up exactly where they began.

The tendency of this generation towards the Capitalist ideas went far beyond just reconciling Islam with the Capitalist La and solutions. It has now reached such extent that there is a feeling of Islam being incapable of solving contemporary problems of Life, and there is an urge take Western Laws as they are, without even reconciling them with Islam. The Ummah came to see no harm in giving Islamic rules and adopting others, order to progress with the civilized world, and catch up with the Capitalist and Socialist nations, considering the as progressed peoples. As for those wt adhere to Islam, they still try to reconcile them with Islam. However those who try to reconcile Islam with other thoughts have no influence in life nor do they have any presence in society i.e. in the actual relationships that go between the people.

Therefore, the delivery of the Islam thoughts and rules which solve problem of life, collides with minds empty thought and a way of thinking. Instead clashes with inclinations, from all the people, towards the Capitalist and Socialist thoughts, and with the way life currently governed by Capitalism. So unless the given thought is strong enough to cause a shake-up in the hearts an minds, it will be impossible to move the people, nor even attract their attention to it. This thought has to push the dull shallow minds to think deeply and it h to shake off the deviated inclinations and the sick tastes, so as to establish the sound inclination towards the Islamic thoughts and rules.




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