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The Social System In Islam
Price. US$ 10.00

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ISBN. 81-87856-02-5


Author: An-Nabhani



About This Book: The need to unite the family and to ensure its happiness was felt by all Muslims, and the search for a solution to this serious problem occupied the minds of many people. Different attempts of various sorts appeared to present such solutions. Many books were written demonstrating the societal solution and amendments were made to the Laws of the Shariah courts and electoral systems. Many tried to apply their views on their families in terms of their wives, sisters and daughters. Changes were made to the school system with regards to the mixing of boys and girls. Thus, these attempts continued to appear in these and similar guises. However, none of them could succeed in finding a solution, or come with a system or find a method to implement what they conceived as reform (Islah). This is because the issue of the relationship between the two sexes became obscure in the minds of many Muslims. They were unable to comprehend the way in which the two genders can co-operate with each other, even though the well being (Salah) of the Ummah stems from this cooperation. A chasm began to exist in society due to which grew a concern for the entity of the Islamic Ummah, in its capacity as an Ummah with distinct characteristics. It was feared that the Muslim household would Lose its Islamic character, and the Muslim family would lose the guidance of the thoughts of Islam, and stray from valuing its rules and thoughts.

The social aspect continued in confused state until the Mush woman became bewildered. She stood between women who were anxious and confused, talking from western society without understanding it a without being aware of its reality, knowing the contraction that exist between it and Islamic culture on o side; and the narrow minded women who did not benefit, nor did h presence benefit the Muslim on t other side. All of this was due to failure in studying Islam intellectual and not understanding the Islamic social system.

What is required is the treatment this meeting and the result a relationship and that which branch out from it. It should be understood that this solution is not dictated by t mind but by the Shari’. As for t mind, its purpose is to understand t solution, that the solution is f Muslim men and women to Live specific lifestyle which is the Lifestyle which Allah has obliged them to Live They are most definitely obliged restrict their Living solely to U lifestyle as Allah Has commanded the Qur’an and Sunnah irrespective whether it contradicts with the WE or disagrees with the customs a traditions of their own fathers a forefathers.




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