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Creating a Future Islamic Civilization (TR)

In 2004 when we conceived as a major civilizational project and vigorously pleaded for a fresh thinking on issues of Islamic import, we were a little hesitant to use the word civilization. The writings of an American establishment intellectual about the supposed clash of civilizations had created such a furore that at times it amounted to high jacking the very meta-narrative of our time. Those were the times when talking in terms of civilizational paradigm was considered a necessity to prove one's sophistication.

Paradigmic thinking is not only deceptive, at times it may be even disastrous. We often build a paradigm; for it appears to be the only convenient way to think and philosophize. We humans who, always, or at least most of the time, employ language as a tool of thinking, for us it is natural to construct a paradigm or take a cue from the prevailing meta-narratives for clarity, cohesion and communication. Yet it should not serve as an excuse for being a prisoner to any single paradigm.

For me civilization then is not the only valid paradigm but a mere linguistic device which I have picked up to communicate more than what it does in the ordinary situations. My own readings of the Qur'an has taught me that we should not assign our thinking to words which have their own limitations despite the fact that they are constantly on the grow, nor should we be swayed by mere linguistic implications of the text.

One possible way to overcome the limitations that language imposes on us is to use 'spatial atmosphere' as an extension of the language. Paradigms once brought to the level of perspectives can also serve as possible prisms to look at things in different shades. Instead, if we look at things with a fixated gaze, as we often did in the past, we will only perceive the world on a perpetual course of a class struggle or find it engrossed in a beyond-the-repair clash of good and evil, or blame the failure of Enlightenment project on the barbarian other.



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